Food supplement to your agile training

Do you think that agile training is sufficient for the adoption of agile mindset?

Do you think your team, as certified agile, will act in perfect agility on the ground and on a daily basis?

If the answer is yes, this training is not necessary.

If the answer is no or if it is nuanced, this training will act in addition to what has been instilled in your teams. We will discover the undesirable behaviors that the actors of an agile team could adopt in good or bad faith. We will visit the cognitive and behavioral post of the makers of your Agility. Human errors common to most agile, simple or scale projects will be anticipated. Finally you will be able to act knowingly what does not work or will not work, because a simple training focused on the Do is never sufficient without a complementary focus on the Don’t.

Available tailor-made for the Customer context.